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The boutique


It is a rare place, which has become an institution in Toulouse. A timeless experience, resolutely unique. The architecture, the atmosphere, the collections. In the basement, the intimacy of a space where one takes the time to discuss, to try on. To move around, too. Because Sabrina will not advise you without seeing you move: as for her, movement is essential.

Her selection is essentially made of « confidential » brands. Those that allow her to build her collections piece by piece, with the independence that her vision of clothing demands. There is no negotiation with freedom: Sabrina chooses spontaneously, without intellectualizing the process.

This requirement and this instinct, are the fruit of daily exercise of the passion for beautiful clothing since that famous love at first sight for a 501 at the age of 5 years old…

The Sartorial art de vivre
Iro spring collection 23 french women store boutique pret a porter femme
Iro spring collection 23 french women store boutique pret a porter femme


The revelation comes up when we finally realize that the allure does not exclude comfort. We defend a wardrobe which allows for mouvement, even impulse. For that, the cut must not impose any constraints to the body. Rather than restricting, it should allow. This also implies a detail that is not sophisticated, but serves simplicity.

If we are so attached to a beautiful cut, it is certainly also for that. Quality guarantees that a garment will last beyond the demands of mouvement.



Silk, wool crepe, flannel, brocade, pure laine super 100,… If we favor obstinately feminine lines, we borrow the tradition of noble materials from the men’s wardrobe. Believe us, there are stretched silks whose touch is never forgotten…



Our vision is that of a wardrobe which finds its coherence through the pieces preserved from the sirens of perpetual renewal. Fall-winter, spring-summer: the boutique remains faithful the essentials. It is a fact, good taste knows no half-seasons…



The garment is truly accomplished when it integrates a silhouette. It can finally reveal itself and magnify the pieces with which it shares the cohabitation for a day or an evening.

At l’Itinéraire, this quest never leaves us: to achieve the perfect balance. 

Discover the store & its universe, follow us :-)

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